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My mission is to help women 
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Did you start the year thinking 2020 was going to be “THE BEST YEAR EVER?”

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  • ​Better understand the areas that get you stuck in the muck
  • ​Meet real-life examples of people who are thriving this year
  • ​Learn how to beat overwhelming thoughts
  • ​Connect with other women just like you in our Facebook group to learn what’s working for them and to keep motivated
  • ​Learn how to manage your environment rather than it managing you.
  • ​Understand how these concepts don’t have to be a big to-do on your list each day  (and if so, how to shift from there!)

Your AWESOME - AMAZING experience will include a lesson from 
my colleagues and friends who are world-class masterminds in their fields.

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Time Sensitive: Do not miss this incredibly unique 5-day live and highly-interactive learning experience where you will get personally mentored from Julie and her 5 guest experts.

The challenge starts October 5th  and will deliver the most important information you need to know right now to help you recapture peace of mind, find your purpose, be powerful in all areas of life, refuel your passions, and be more prosperous right now. 

And just for showing up and doing the daily assignments you could win many of the incredible prizes. 

Amazing-You Host and Mentors

Julie DeLucca-Collins~ Host and Playground Facilitator

Julie DeLucca-Collins is the Founder and CEO of Go Confidently Coaching the host of the popular podcast Casa DeConfidence Podcast. Julie began her career as a Pre-K teacher and later worked with Middle Schools students. Over the past 20 years, she has worked as a senior executive in the education industry field. She recently completed her tenure as Chief Innovation Officer for an academic solutions company based in New York City. Julie has been a mentor and coach to women in the professional world and several leadership programs at Community Colleges in her area for several years. She trained as a mentor  and later went receive her Certifications as a Coach in Holistic Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Mindfulness, and Life Purpose Life Coach Certifications. She became certified as a Social-Emotional Learning Facilitator along with her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification. Julie is currently writing her first book about Confidence. 

Lauren DAngelo~Peaceful Coach

Lauren DAngelo (a.k.a. “Lola”).“Lola” as her dad calls is a 500 Hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500)
She was part of the faculty that provided the Yoga teacher training where I received my certification last year. Lauren is the founder of Lola Yoga, "whereimat" podcast, and is an avid writer. Through these outlets, she hopes to create connections, understanding, and community.
Lauren finds inspiration in nature, on her mat, through her family, by connecting with students, and by learning. Lauren is dedicated to continuing to learn and grow and bring to her knowledge to her students. She works with individuals in a thoughtful, non-judging way, as a trustworthy confidant to make yoga understandable and accessible. She likes to say about practicing Yoga "Not to worry, there will be plenty of time for light-hearted laughter and fun. After all, it isn’t all so serious, life is about the giggles". Lauren's values of Authenticity (Be real)
Balance (Work Hard, Live Life), Gratitude/Positive Attitude (Each day is a gift, grow your positive attitude), Openness (Everyone has something to offer), and Communication (Someone who seeks to understand and be understood) make her a ROCK STAR teacher when it comes to becoming a Peaceful You.

Jennifer James~Purpose Coach

Jen is a former Fortune 500 Leader turned Mindful  Business Coach. As a sought-after team leader and brand strategist, she has spent 20+ years transforming companies and their leadership including Marvel, Walmart, Hasbro, Skechers, Cott, and Loblaws. She is a certified 
Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner, and is back in school getting her teaching certification in Mindful Self Compassion. She recently left the comfort of her corporate life to teach individuals how to level up their brands and business by building a mindful mindset and mastering their storytelling. Jen's signature program, The Art of Mindful Storytelling, is designed to build confidence, eliminate burnout, strengthen connections, and empower you to translate your story.

Raphael Velazquez~Power Coach

Raphael is the creator and innovator of the hottest trend in fitness, the vela brand. Raphael started his career in the wellness space as a strength coach working at the well-known New York's Rockland Peak Performance, training small athletics groups, adult groups, and private clients while learning the ins and out of running a private specialized gym. Raphael also honed his skills at Equinox gym, working with a specific market, training high performers to attain their goals, and improving their quality of life. He was also used for the Equinox global online marketing campaign. While specializing in his coaching skills with high-end clients, he created the velaband and vela fitness accessories to expand his reach to help people on their road to a better quality of life. His mission is to help individuals be in the best shape of their life and harness their power within. His degree in exercise science from Montclair State University has allowed to e the tools to succeed in all the endeavors he undertakes. 

Melissa Myers~Prosperity Coach

Melissa Myers, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, has been in the financial services industry since 2000 and earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification in 2012. 

Myers specializes in working with single women, divorcees, and widows. She believes that all women can benefit from a financial road map. Her mission is to help you align your money with your values so that you can live your ideal life. Think of Myers as your financial GPS. She'll help you determine where you are, where you want to be, and she'll provide the services to help you pursue your financial destination.
Giving back to her community is important. In support of the local arts, Myers served a seven-year term as a board member for the West Michigan Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, she is a member of All Shores Wesleyan Church and volunteers as a budget counselor in their Good $ense Program. In November 2016 she became a certified Faith and Finances facilitator. Myers is a member of Lake Michigan Estate Planning Council, Counterpart, the Grand Haven Eagles, Tri-Cities Women Who Care and is currently President of her local Toastmasters chapter.
Myers is a self-proclaimed foodie, in search of fabulous restaurants specializing in unique and amazing food. At home, she loves cooking, boating, and relaxing poolside with a great book

Trevor Crane~Passion Coach

As an entrepreneur, author and speaker  he is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs around the world re-design their businesses. Trevor has FAILED MORE TIMES AND ON A SCALE GREATER THAN MOST PEOPLE EVER WILL.  Trevor likes to say that he BELIEVES SETBACKS ARE SETUPS FOR SUCCESS. Today, I lives an epic life. He has created businesses that supports the lifestyle he always dreamed of. Trevor is madly, passionately in love with the woman of his dreams and they have 3 badass kids. Trevor believes he was put on this planet to help individuals clarify and share their message with the people who need to hear it. One of his missions in life is to help STOP SUICIDE. 

See what others that have worked with Julie are saying.

“Julie has been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout my job search. She challenged me to think deeply about my goals and to identify, then conquer, the fears and insecurities that were keeping me from forging my path. She has coached me through interviews, helped me pick a job, and clarify my long-term goals. I so admire her approach to life and, as a young professional building myself and my identity, find myself adopting her mindset, mantras, and habits. I am tremendously grateful for her time, individualized attention, and genuine investment in me. I cannot recommend her enough! Thanks Julie!”


Julie has been a client of mine in the past and a friend of mine for about the past 4 years. I value her professionalism and friendship. I was excited to have Julie coach me for the past few months. I found her perspectives thoughtful and insightful while encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone as an introvert. Julie’s leadership, experience, and viewpoints were extremely helpful to me for personal growth and my business.


 "Julie has been not only such a great mentor but such a great friend....her support and encouragement early on in building my business, made all the difference to my confidence and helped me succeed in making my vision a reality. She helped me gain clarity around my goals and she always made herself available to reach out to for advice and guidance. Thank you so much Julie for everything, your genuine care meant so much to me." 
Jessica Ashley
Founder and Host of "Stay Calm, Mom!"

"Julie has been my coach and mentor over 2 years now .
She has helped me find my voice and the confidence I need. he has taught me to that life is more beautiful when we celebrate ours lows as much as our highs . She has shown me how I’m a survivor and that I’m resilient (I’ve never seen that in myself ). Most of all she’s taught me that I have value in the world . Working with her has been a blessing in my life . She’s been their to lift me up when I was ready to give up. She never stopped believing in me or pushing me to be the best version on myself .
I have been able to speak up more around people who used to intimidate me and tell me my opinions were not valid.


Julie impressed me with her breadth of knowledge in business and personal brand building. As an entrepreneur it’s easy to get sucked into the nitty gritty day-to-day without coming up for air. Julie showed me the importance of staying connected with people on social media, and how to do it properly so that my audience could help me in my ventures when the time was appropriate. Add to that the numerous tips and tricks Julie shared on bettering my social channels, time management practices, business strategy, and overall connections. I would absolutely recommend Julie to help anyone make sense of the wild, sometimes chaotic, pursuit of your dreams so that you can ultimately reach greater success faster."


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